Personal Care Option

Lin-Mar signage on Broadway.

    PCO, or Personal Care Option, is a program under the Aging & Long-Term Service Division.   It is designed to offer assistance to qualified applicants.    Applicant must be a Medicaid recipient and must qualify financially and physically.   Applicants cannot be receiving D&E or home health services.    Individuals interested in receiving PCO services must call the OCTEL toll free number, 1-866-364-3310 and register. Once registered, applicants will receive a MAD-075 form requiring a physical.    The MAD-075 form is to be filled by attending physician.   Applicants can bring their completed MAD-075 to the Lin-Mar office to be faxed within the 30-day time limit.    Within 7 days, the applicant will receive a call from the Third Party Assessor, Lovelace Health, informing the applicant of the upcoming assessment.  At that time, Lovelace will assign the assessment to a non-PCO agency. The non-PCO agency will contact the applicant and schedule an in-home assessment.

    Upon receipt of the assessment paperwork, Lovelace Health will approve or deny the PCO services.   Approximate time frame for approval process is 4 to 6 weeks.  Please call the above number with any questions regarding the PCO services.