Disabled & Elderly Waiver

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    The Disabled and Elderly Waiver, known as D & E, is a home program designed to provide services to the disabled and elderly.   Individuals who wish to remain at home but need assistance or who are currently in a nursing home and wish to return to their homes are encouraged to apply. Applicants need to register with the D & E Central Registry Staff by calling toll free 1-800-432-2080.   Applicants do not have to have Medicaid to register.   Some of the information required by the D & E Registry will be name of applicant, date of birth, Social Security number, monthly household income and diagnosis.

Lin-Mar signage on Broadway.

    Once registered, the applicant's name will be placed on one of three waiting lists.   The medical need will determine on which waiting list the applicant's name will be placed.    Each list has an approximate waiting period of 6 months to 5 years, again, depending upon the medical need.    Each waiting period ends when the applicant receives an allocation letter requesting the name of a Case Management Agency.    This decision is solely the applicant's choice.    An allocation letter is not approval for services, simply a part of the process.

    Upon receipt of the allocation letter, the Aging & Long Term Service Division will contact the Case Management Agency of the applicant's decision.  At that time, the Case Management Agency must contact the applicant and complete an assessment of the need.  An assessment packet is prepared by the Case Management Agency and submitted for approval.   Usually within 2 weeks, the applicant will finally be contacted and advised whether their submitted paperwork was approved or denied for services.

    Our friendly staff at Lin-Mar D&E can answer any questions regarding the approval process. Please call the above number with any questions or concerns.